If you can dream it ….and then describe it…..chances are we can turn it into a website. The magic of our success is derived from a unique blend of whimsy, design and technology. We support your vision by providing novel ideas backed up by years of online experience. We help you decrease costs, both developmental and operational by designing sites that are engaging and informative and are as easy to navigate as they are to maintain. The designers aim is to make an appearance and theme that runs as a consistent thread throughout the website. Our professionals spend quality time to know what the client's requirements are. Our designs are creative, client or industry driven, competitive, user friendly and highly affordable. We are experts in showcasing the products and services of our clients. Our perfect combination of dynamic design, enthralling content and focused marketing strategies have helped us endeavor to reach the pinnacle. The designs generated are fast loading, seemingly appealing and Search engine optimized.

    Our services include:
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance
  • Responsive web designing
  • Website re-designing
  • Multilingual website creation
  • Static webpage designing
  • PSD conversion to HTML 5
  • Logo creation


Open source application helps any business domain to develop virtually as it is user friendly and consumes less time since pre-set codes are used. We at Digi Tactical provide excellent support in creating large number of e-commerce websites. We first understand the needs of our clients, their target audience and modify applications that meet their expectations. We have developed customized applications and dynamic webpages keeping in mind the latest trends in the market. The various technologies we offer are as follows:

  • Wordpress Development
  • Ajax Development
  • Magento Development
  • Codeigniter Development
  • Cakephp Development and other PHP frameworks


Our developers are highly skilled in creating IPad, IPhone and Android application. We have developed and deployed the best applications which are very in standard and also affordable. This keeps the end users updated about our clients every minute with the touch of a finger. Alongside we also provide full maintenance and support at the back-end. We have a dedicated team of developers who understands the need of the client and provides world class solution keeping in mind the profit margin.


E-commerce is one of the fast growing platforms which help you to showcase your products and services. This helps you to reach a wide range of audience globally. We are experts in designing, developing and establishing B2C transactional websites. We are experts in handling each and every minute part of the business to customer transactions. We handle real time transactions, manage inventory and take care of the order and its shipping. This gives a competitive edge over other e-commerce websites.

    Our services include:
  • Creating product catalogue
  • Creating shopping cart modules
  • Handle secure and safe transactions
  • Order & Inventory Management
  • Shipping


Thinking about quality control and assurance? Think about Digi Tactical. We provide excellent testing services to various domains. Softwares and technologies change every day. We help our clients to be present in the competitive race without compromising on the quality. Our experts understand the core application, functionality and test all web applications and softwares. Our testing procedures are systematic, robust and very effective. This helps our clients to improve their performance, business standards, minimize risk and improve customer satisfaction.

    Our services include:
  • Life cycle testing
  • Mobile application Testing
  • Web Interface Testing
  • System Integration Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Web Interface Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Security Testing - Application Security and Network Security
  • Compatibility Testing


We offer the best .NET and Microsoft solutions. We are highly skilled in .NET services. Our team can build applications for any kind of domains, be it large or small. We have developers who can work on various Microsoft Technologies. Our applications are highly compatible with any browsers. We help our clients to improve the user experience and to expand their internet presence. Our model helps our clients to have the most appropriate solutions which help in resolving various business problems. At Digi Tactical we promise to develop the web application with minimum ease. We bring about value added services in the least time frame possible. A powerful combination of web development with effective design customization had lead Digi Tactical to deliver high-tech and competitive solutions to its customers.

    Our services include:
  • Data Management /Reporting/Analyzing - Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, ADO.NET, LINQ, Entity Framework, NHibernate,
  • .NET web services deployment and Migration
  • .NET application Maintenance and support
  • Microsoft .NET Development
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and many more.


Our marketing team provides a bouquet of services ranging from SEO to SMM, PPC and affiliate marketing. We have rich experience in online marketing and this enables us to provide our clients with effective business strategies. Our talented team helps in driving more website traffic / leads / promote brands thereby assisting our clients in achieving high sales targets and maximizing margins. We provide reliable results by using the latest online techniques and a wide range of internet marketing plans to improve the SEO ranking. Every client is unique and so are their expectations. Time and again we have helped our clients enjoy success by giving the best customized search engine optimization services and online marketing services based on their industry / competitor / keywords / dynamic market and target audience. We make the best use of the internet-its data and information to reach heights in this highly competitive and market driven world. With the power of Social media marketing we capture the target audience and place our client in the limelight.

  • Social media monitoring helps our clients know about their presence and performance directly from the end users.
  • Web based detailed content research to improve ranking
  • Regular updates / feedbacks on website traffic and ranking.
  • Effective keyword search
  • Track conversations
  • Inbound marketing- Converting customers by taking them through a structured informational path that builds awareness and increases interest over time.
  • Virtual personal assistance


Although the graphics may represent the “sizzle” of a website, the content surely represents “the steak”. Our experienced content team is adept at describing the essential values of a business in an informative and engaging manner. Effective marketing is what grows businesses. Engaging, articulate content is one of the key components of an effective marketing strategy, with the end goal being increased traffic and revenue. Fresh, authentic, informative and high quality content which optimizes the latest SEO strategies improves the ROI on any traffic driving campaign. Content that creates a positive image and a relevant and meaningful description of our clients’ business, services or products is what we consistently deliver, without redundancy or plagiarism.

Our in-house qualified and experienced team of information researchers caters to various industries encompassing a broad domain spectrum ranging from Legal, Healthcare, Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. The content team includes legal experts, engineering professionals, Masters in Business Administration, Doctors, Pharmacists and other medical-healthcare experts, fashion designers, marketing experts; a varied and talented pool of writers who bring a tightly focused and well-informed approach to best describe the client’s core strengths and USP.

  • Website and Professional content writing ensuring that it complies with the standards of the company
  • Blog writing
  • Marketing material /Newsletter creation and writing
  • Periodically updating content based on regular web research.
  • Copyedit and proofread services.
  • Fast TAT for Emergency Reports


B and A Digi Tactical has a dedicated, dependable and seasoned call center team. Our handpicked, trained experts provide exceptional customer service to different business models. We have rich experience in handling inbound and outbound services. By outsourcing the non-core functions, companies can focus on adding value to the business. With flexible and experienced team, we help reduce cost, increase revenue and provide better performance and scalability.

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support Services
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Telemarketing
  • Payment Processing
  • Voice Broadcasting Combined with IVR
  • Research and Survey
  • Collections
  • Pre-Sales Services
  • Post Sales Customer Service.
  • Chat and Email Support


We provide both inbound and outbound logistics support. We provide excellent logistics support with significant cost reduction and operational efficiency. We give customized solutions to every single client by making the best use of the latest technologies in the market. This helps our client to improve their inventory management and gain a wide customer base and a satisfying profit margin.

  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Dedicated Customer Support and Service.



Healthcare has been one of our core strengths since the inception of the company and it continues to be one of the growth sectors for global service BPO’s. Healthcare stake-holders such as pharma manufacturers, medical device makers, physicians, hospitals, HMO’s and insurance companies must all meet the new challenges presented by unprecedented changes in the healthcare landscape in the US and EU countries. These changes will require industry members to revisit their systems and processes. We can help ease the burden and accelerate the progress in meeting these challenges.


We empower businesses to create and improve their online retail presence. We assist our clients in building e-commerce solutions from the ground up, streamlining essential business processes, building relationships and engaging clients in a collaborative fashion. High visibility to grow is essential on the internet for your business to grow beyond traditional markets. We engage with our clients & understand the products/ services you are selling in order to drive new traffic to your portal, enhance click through ratio, increase conversion rates and attract new customers while retaining existing customers.


Developing games & mobile gaming applications is among our passions. Some of the most creative young talents are on the team thinking up new ways to expand the excitement already being generated in the global gaming community. Gaming is a unique world as it brings together UI designers, graphic artists and programmers who work in synchronized harmony to bring you mind- blowing & ingenious recreational programs.