B and A Digi Tactical Solutions Private Limited is a multi- faceted global IT company providing market strategies, systems and app development and integration and business process outsourcing. Since 2010, we have provided businesses representing a variety of verticals with program and platform with IT Enabled Services (ITES).

We provide high- quality, accurate & transparent solutions that enable our clients to achieve efficient performance, while increasing profits. Originality blended with meticulous execution allows our clients to stay ahead of their competition, manage critical data and provide the highest level of service to their customers. B and A Digi Tactical’s combined experience helps us distill data down to the essentials, and offer our clients efficient, innovative solutions. Our enterprising spirit, exemplified by every member of our team is our greatest strength.

A sample of the domains with which we have expertise would include Health & Wellness, Fashion, Jewelry, Gaming, Social Media and Networks.


Bruce Schwack is recognized as one of the pioneering founders of the entrepreneurial third-party BPO and call center initiative and has developed more than 50 BPO and call centers throughout India, as well as in Manila, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mauritius and Panama. He consults to the leaders of industry and government as an expert in integrated marketing programs including direct response and e-commerce marketing and has created and executed branding, sales and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s best known brands. He is adept at script writing and development and is experienced in product placement, long and short form infomercial and industrial film production, promotional event and experiential marketing planning and execution.

He has launched and managed call centers and marketing campaigns for the world’s biggest brands, including Hero Honda, GHCL, Unilever, ATT, Nextel, Dish Network, Sprint, Inphonics, Bellsouth, Ritz Carlton, MasterCard and many other brands.

Schwack also is adept at celebrity representation and management and for many years managed legendary Rock and Roll Saxophone star Clarence Clemons, saxophonist to Bruce Springsteen, and he has produced live events throughout the world including Brazil, Sweden, Norway, France, Canada and the United Kingdom.

In 1998 He is a highly skilled communicator, writer and storyteller and writes for TV and movies and is a seasoned public speaker and company spokesman.

Advait Suhas Pandit is a successful entrepreneur in the fields of Technology, IT Services, and Mobile Gaming. Rising from Applications Developer to IT Project Manager, he has co-founded several start- up companies such as RetailWave Technologies Pvt.Ltd, BLVD Ventures Inc., & Mooneye Games Ltd. He is also the CTO for the latter 2 companies.

As the co-founder of 2 start-up businesses, he is versatile in multiple roles ranging from technology, customer support & business development.

As the Director for B And A Digi Tactical Solutions Private Limited his responsibility includes deploying the Company's strategic vision, developing business alliances as well as building the management team. As an expert in internet technologies, he is intimately associated with the ecommerce & communication industry giving him the ability to lead a company specialising in avant garde technological solutions with a human quotient.

Advait is resourceful and is currently involved in aspects of developing an eco-friendly edutainment action adventure gaming app.


Digi Tactical gave me lot of opportunities since 2006 which quenched my thirst in the field of IT. But learning never stops at Digi Tactical. As we are growing higher the ladder, the company helps me in honing new skills and widens my knowledge. I have never been bored. Coming here every day, you become committed to, and proud of, your job. You feel like you are part of important journey with a great company which has a strong heritage, a wonderful team of people and an exciting atmosphere. What are you waiting for?

I have been a part of Digi Tactical from 2007 and my experience in the organization has been excellent. I have faced a number of challenges that have compelled me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. But such situations have helped me to become stronger and grow faster in this organization. Digi Tactical provides a lot of flexibility to its associates to work in their own way.

I have been with Digi Tactical since 2007. I do digital marketing for an E-commerce website and contribute to data driven suggestions. Before joining I thought it would be restricted, but then it was a place where I could experiment with ideas and my ideas are valued. This keeps me motivated to keep me updated with latest trends in the industry and implement the same. The most challenging thing is to use the power of data and do better marketing.

I’m Babu & I’ve been with Digi Tactical since 2009. I love working here because of the enthusiastic working atmosphere. There’s so much to be learnt and I get to spread my wings & explore my full potential which would not have been possible without my company’s support. Here at Digi Tactical, we’re encouraged to be involved in all aspects of business and there are so many opportunities to learn and expand our domain knowledge. Though, I’d left the company in 2007, I was offered an opportunity to join back, with increased responsibilities. Now I have a front seat in the fast changing world and its presence in the e- commerce environment.
Are you ready to spread your wings & explore opportunities handed to you?

As a Creative head I have given my heart and soul to develop all the offline and online digital media projects. "Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Digi Tactical provides the opportunity to transform our imagination into reality. Digi Tactical provides lot of facilities and I am proud to be part of Digi Tactical since 2009 and its smart employees.

My role as a content overseer at Digi Tactical has not only helped me fulfill my passion for writing but inculcated in me even more accountability and responsibility. Needless to say, feel great to be a part of an established e-business, trusted by thousands of its worldwide clientele!

My journey with Digi Tactical from the year 2009 has been noteworthy. Work has always being a motivating factor because of Digi Tactical’s stimulating, rewarding environments for the employees. A place which employs right talents, providing them with lively, conducive and an advanced work culture. Also a great place to work and learn from our enthused staffs with expertise on various products and domains that holds us high in business process optimization.

I have been working with Digi Tactical since 2007. In all these years of relationship with the company, I have learned a lot and earned huge experience to grow myself as a leader. We are one happy family which makes it easier for all us to connect with our management. However there is NO compromise on the professionalism.

Working with Digi Tactical Pvt Ltd is just amazing - An environment where you have exposure internationally. Dealing with foreign customers has been very challenging and rewarding in every way. This company has an excellent management system. I have gained valuable experience and knowledge during these past few years. I feel very fortunate to work with this company and very proud to be a part of fast-paced, exciting and rewarding atmosphere.




B and A Digi Tactical Solutions Private Limited believes its core strength lies in its employees. You are the reason we are able to succeed and achieve some much in so little time. Our core culture lies in ‘transparency’ and involving our employees or associates – the preferred term. An employee who’s invested himself into his career & work will enjoy the company’s success in a very personal manner. At B and A Digi Tactical, we believe all work & no play makes for a very dull human being and the opposite is true too. All play & no work doesn’t present any opportunities to adapt & hone our skills to face new situations & challenges. We believe we’ve struck the happy note between work & play, leaving employees reinvigorated and enthusiastically welcoming new challenges to conquer.

Our philosophy of engaging the employee at every stage of a project ensures a smooth developmental process, which culminates in satisfied clients. The basic component for creating sustainable competitive advantage is employees who are engaged, outperforming other work groups who aren't engaged.

The Human Capital Management practices at B and A Digi Tactical are focused on building the B and A Digi Tactical brand as an 'Employer of Choice'. We are motivated to attract & retain the finest talent that India has.